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GPTQA officially verified as true industry leader

17 Nov 2017 9:51 PM | Anonymous

Global Performance Testing International engaged the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia to independently evaluate the GPTQA accreditation and processes.

Project objectives:

  1. To evaluate the current test protocols issued under GPTQA
  2. To evaluate the current inter and intra tester reliability methods under GPTQA
  3. To evaluate the current pre- and post-test procedures of GPTQA including the implementation of quality assurance
  4. To issue a clear verification acknowledgement to reliable GPTQA testing services
  5. To create a verification procedure for future works and development under GPTQA
With no formal standards around reliability of performance testing on people internationally, it has been the focus of Global Performance Testing CEO Graham Dudley to provide a versatile and unbiased service to support the growing need of clean data for service development and improvement in sports and active living.

GPTQA is now the worlds only "Gold Standard" in the procedural management of the services from community to elite levels ensuring validity and consistency.

Professor Robert Aughey of Victoria University spent many months monitoring and assessing the intimate processes from training staff through event protocol management and the systems in recording and distributing result data.

The conclusion:

"GPTQA has excellent training systems for testing staff, and good to excellent testing protocols.  With some very minor changes, the testing protocols can be excellent.  With minor changes in how the data is used to establish and report on normative data GPTQA is very well placed to be true industry leaders in this space."

Equality is essential in todays data market spaces and without a vision of reliability and consistency there is a risk of misdirection in research and development strategies.  GPTQA is now the platform to ensure processes are reliable.

For information on becoming trained and accredited under GPTQA contact team@globalperformancetesting.com.

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