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Removing the placebo effect from the YoYo IR test

11 Jun 2017 4:56 AM | Anonymous

Given the current news around changes in testing protocols from the multi-stage (beep) test to YoYo intermittent recovery, I thought it a good chance to further discuss the negative effects of audible scoring to get a true result in our athletes.

Every athlete Global Performance Testing International Limited interviewed was happy when either beating an old score or achieving a set target i.e. level 10 in the multi-stage test however all also admitted to being satisfied by just matching or improving by a single level and therefore never knew how well they could actually perform.

GPTQA YoYo testing removes the audible scoring entirely and use an efficient tag on tag off solution to ensure reliable scoring of each athlete plus only trained staff to identify errors or disqualifications. By default, each athlete travels as far and as long as they physically can therefore giving a true result of endurance recovery unrestricted to a psychologically pre-determined score.

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