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An evolution in servicing sport and fitness performance testing

13 Nov 2016 6:53 AM | Anonymous

Well it's finally here. Four years in the making and I am proud to officially launch GPTQA, the Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance program.

Since the inception of the business design back in 2012 it has remained our mission “To create an international community of educated sporting and fitness enthusiasts armed with reliable information and innovative tools to excel, stay on track in achieving their goals and building a team that empowers our future athletes”.

GPTQA accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation, service, program, person or activity meets the requirements of defined criteria or standards in performance testing. Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers. 

The GPT team have worked tirelessly to research testing practices around the world to identify a common link and due to there being no officiating of data collection, rationale or training procedures for staff we spent the last eighteen months creating GPTQA, an accreditation to support sports professionals on a level playing field.

Some have said it is a revolution for this side of the industry but I see it more as a natural evolution bringing together the great minds of professionals who have been relying on unbiased, reliable data for development of sport, fitness and wellness.

What is GPTQA about? It is a membership network with an accreditation backbone that will educate those involved in sports performance data internationally.

  • Membership levels for sports coaches, athletes and scouts to access reliable data on benchmarks, trends and research projects specific to their field.
  • Membership levels for sports scientists, high performance managers and students with libraries of protocols, stationery, research and methods to better their practices.
  • Three levels of accreditation from basic education in testing rationale, data and the outcomes (Level 1), through theoretical and practical training and assessment in performing controlled and reliable testing (Level 2) to comprehensive education and training in professional test event management, data analysis and reporting (Level 3).
  • Only GPTQA accredited staff officiate testing to ensure unbiased and verified data for the client.
  • GPTQA staff are not interns or work experience students, they are all paid, qualified and experienced staff members and our network is building.

Today GPTQA is offering anyone serious in sports science the opportunity to join our team and build on the foundations in place. We know the sporting world needs honest, true data in order to excel and we are proud to be the organisation to provide these solutions.

We need your support and your input to level todays playing field so please jump on to our membership listings and give your feedback on necessary improvements in your location, sport or role.

Register as a GPTQA member online at www.gptqa.com today. Use discount code FOUNDER11 for 50% off all memberships through the month of November in celebration of our launch and as a founder member have a voice in what you need.

Yours in sport

Graham Dudley - CEO - Global Performance Testing International

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