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GPTQA accreditation is only available to professionals in the arena of fitness, sports and health to promote unbiased and reliable practices.

There are three categories of GPTQA accreditation:

  • Level 1 - Application - This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to understand the rationale and outcomes of field testing on people.



  1. Defining field testing
  2. Assessing a test environment
  3. Evaluating quality assurance
  4. Evaluating results and communications
All Level 1 members are considered to have suitable experience and education within their field.
  • Level 2 - Application - This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to perform reliable field testing on people in controlled environments.


  1. Assessing a test environment, set up and break down of a test event
  2. Reading protocols and performing a reliable test
  3. Data collection, stage one verification and real-time assessment
  4. Practical assessment in performing a reliable test
  5. Assessment and review of collected data
All level 2 members are considered to have both theoretical and practical training by Global Performance Testing and a minimum of 15 hours field experience.  Verified testing can be performed by a Level 2 member under the supervision of a Level 3 member.
  • Level 3 - Application - This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to manage reliable field testing on people in a controlled environment with verified data.
  1. GPT sales, marketing and administration of an event
  2. Defining the field testing and client communications
  3. Defining the test environment and risk assessment
  4. Planning the test event
  5. Pre-event procedures and management
  6. Executing and managing a successful test event
  7. Post-event procedures
  8. Data analysis and reporting to clients

All level 3 members are considered fully educated in performance test event and combine management including pre-event registration, athlete management, staff management, venue risk assessment, verified testing and post-event data assessment and reporting.  A Level 3 member is qualified to provide verified testing.

Why accreditation is useful

Members with accreditation at any level have committed to provide unbiased support to their profession and have a working knowledge of the positive impacts that reliable testing and the data can have on supporting sports performance and general wellbeing in the community.

Testing in uncontrolled and unverified conditions with inexperienced personnel can be both damaging to the athlete or subject and misleading for development planning and improvement.  Benchmark data must be completely reliable and gathered in controlled conditions.

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